Hello Internet

My name is Paige. It’s July of 2020, I am 23 years old and living in Enterprise, AL although I’m a Southern California native. I’m here with my partner, Tom, a handy leather worker (check out @duckstreetleather on Instagram), Second Lieutenant in the National Guard, and a flight student at Fort Rucker, as well as our cat, Gnocchi.

I’ve actually done this before – the whole blogging thing – back in college. I was living in Chicago, IL and eating at some pretty incredible restaurants that I wanted to talk about. I thought “food critic” was my calling. Of course, as it usually happens, my calling changed – repeatedly and continuously – and has yet to make itself evident to me.

It’s been a year since I graduated, and even more since I took my original blog down. But here I am again, giving it another go.

VTLTY is a “re-branded” version of Vitality, my original blog. For right now, it’s a modest hub for the recipes I create, the sustainable habits I am incorporating into my life, and the new adventures I face. 2020 has been a difficult year, to put it lightly. Through the past months, cooking has been a reliable constant. Friends and family have repeatedly told me to write down the things I cook, but I always viewed them as “too simple” or “just thrown together”, not quite worthy of being written down and shared. But this year has made me realize that simple and spontaneous should be given some credit. Especially when the end result is a little happy dance around the kitchen.

In the future, VTLTY may grow to become something more, but for right now it is a simple space you can visit to find new recipe ideas, to check in on what’s going on in my life (hi Gramma!), and hopefully to discuss how to live a sustainable life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blip – I hope it finds you well.


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