Here are some of my favorite creations.

hjom Debut Magazine

Previously known as JEMS Balboa.

I created this 44-page brand book to briefly introduce hjom and to showcase the brands that would be carried in the storefront. This was my first time working with BookWright, but it was such an easy program to play around with and get to know. I designed each page, wrote all the copy, and worked closely with the owner to bring her vision to life.
The full version of this project can be found here.

Creative Writing

I received my BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from DePaul University in 2019. I wrote in a handful of different styles including magazine articles, press releases, personal essays, short stories, and poetry.
A selection of my pieces can be found here.

Compass Realty

I designed this amenities pamphlet for Laguna Beach realtor Maura Short.

Cork Coffee Shops

After studying abroad at the University College Cork in 2017, I wrote a listicle about the top 10 coffee shops near campus for their International Students blog.
The full article can be found here.

Spoon University

I wrote a handful of articles for my college’s chapter of Spoon University in 2017.
The collection of articles can be found here.

Her Campus

I wrote a couple articles for my college’s chapter of Her Campus my freshman year of college.
The two articles can be found here.