Green Chorizo Bowl

This is one of those easy, throw it all together meals that turns out way better than you thought it was going to. Some of these ingredients may sound a bit odd together, but trust me they’re delicious.

The main inspo for this bowl came from the fresh green chorizo Tom & I picked up from a local carniceria – it’s so much lighter than the usual red chorizo, and has such a yummy flavor. My first thought was to do an at-home Chipotle style bowl, but then I tossed in a few odds and ends and ended up with something tasty, but not very Chipotle-esque – which I am not complaining about.

A few notes on this recipe: I am currently cooking low-FODMAP (I’ll write up a post explaining that later) so there are some modifications I am doing that you don’t have to use. The main modification would be the rice. If you’re not sensitive to garlic, you can swap out the garlic infused olive oil. Instead, you can sauté a clove or two in some butter, then add your rice & cilantro. Both options would be yummy. Another FODMAP related mod: if you’re big on sauce, swap the greek yogurt for sour cream – the latter has a higher amount allowance. Lastly, fresh rice will work just as well, I just had leftover rice available & I wanted to flavor it as I rehydrated it.

Enjoy everyone! Don’t leave out the chickpeas, they really do work.

-green chorizo
-jasmine rice
-garlic infused olive oil
-green onion
-feta cheese
-greek yogurt
-hot sauce


  1. Cook off your green chorizo. Set aside.
  2. Fry off your chickpeas in olive oil until slightly crispy. Add in massaged kale and saute until kale is crispy.
  3. Rehydrate leftover jasmine rice with garlic infused olive oil over heat. Then add chopped cilantro.
  4. Chop romaine, avocado, tomato, and green onion.

Place cilantro rice in a bowl, add green chorizo, kale & chickpeas, romaine, avocado, tomatoes, green onion and crumbled feta. Combine greek yogurt and hot sauce on the side, and drizzle over top.

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