Toasted Kale Caesar Salad

Update: this yummy recipe has been sitting in my drafts because I haven’t found the time/motivation to photograph the final dish. So this is getting published without photos. Because it’s delicious and crazy easy and my procrastination shouldn’t get in the way of people having the recipe. That’s all. I’ve spent the past few months… Continue reading Toasted Kale Caesar Salad

Wrapping Up Alabama

The time is finally (almost) upon us: we’re headed home to California next month. I feel like even writing that line may jinx Tom’s progress, forcing us to stay here for longer than anticipated. The weather has been our enemy the past few weeks, with lots of clouds and storms during Tom’s flight period and… Continue reading Wrapping Up Alabama

Kiss Kiss Cocktail

When it’s cold out, I typically only want to consume hot tea, red wine, and whiskey. It’s just the truth. I’ve been dabbling in whiskey cocktails this winter since we nearly exhausted our favorite cocktail from the fall: the Maple Whiskey Sour by Jaylynn Little. We made soooo many of these. Seriously. You gotta try… Continue reading Kiss Kiss Cocktail

February Parallels

I’ve never had particular feelings about February before; it’s kind of an in-between month, like when you’re 17, you’re more in-between-16-and-18 than actually 17. February is more of an in-between-the-new-year-and-the-start-of-spring month than anything really. Sure there’s Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never been a fan of that holiday anyway. I can’t help but take notice of… Continue reading February Parallels

Charred Kale Harvest Salad

Alright, I know everyone loves to hate on kale, but truly it’s my favorite leafy green. I think the main reason is that I cook my kale; I’ve never been a big fan of stereotypical salads, but warm salads are my fav. If you’re making a kale salad without cooking it, please do yourself a… Continue reading Charred Kale Harvest Salad

20 Things I Tried in 2020 That I’m Taking with Me in 2021

1. Cast Iron Skillets. My collection is now at 3 and I love them dearly. I feel pretty confident in my seasoning routine now, too. 2. Blueland. This woman-founded, low-waste company is bringing an end to one-use cleaning supplies. We purchased the Clean Essentials kit when we first moved out to Alabama and have been… Continue reading 20 Things I Tried in 2020 That I’m Taking with Me in 2021

Daddio’s Ribs

There are a handful of recipes from my childhood that I still crave now, in my young adulthood – Tomato Surprise in the rose garden with my neighbors, Basil Cream Chicken for dinner with my family, Mary Helen’s Pasta Salad at family gatherings with my cousins, Huevos Rancheros in my pajamas for Schuckmas breakfast –… Continue reading Daddio’s Ribs

Friendsgiving 2020

The holidays look very different for many people this year, including me. We knew earlier on that we’d be spending Thanksgiving in Alabama instead of traveling home, and now it’s looking like we’ll be here for Christmas too. Tom and I both miss our families immensely, but we are so so thankful to have each… Continue reading Friendsgiving 2020